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For just £5*, membership of the YPG provides:
→ peer-to-peer networking opportunities across all sectors of the industry
→ events, webinars, and talks from industry professionals
→ exclusive access to the JCT YPG online portal, containing videos, articles, papers, blogs, interviews, and more
By launching the YPG, JCT is able to use its unique position as a cross-industry, collaborative body to provide a platform for the sharing of information and knowledge, and the forming of relationships that are so crucial to professionals embarking on their construction careers
Neil Gower, JCT chief executive
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Events tailored to and developed by you

Our networking events enable you to connect with your peers
over a wide variety of topics, including JCT contracts, and to
learn from experts from a wide variety of disciplines.
Learn, connect, and have fun! Some of our events have included:

JCT Insurance Options
Hosted by Mark Pantry, senior associate, Fenwick Elliott
Grenfell and the Draft Building Safety Bill
Hosted by Michael Haste, director, Pascall+Watson
A Consideration of 3 Relevant Construction Matters
Hosted by Su Sharma, solicitor to Skanska UK Plc
The Future of Construction
Presented by Rob Horne and Tom Andrews, Osborne Clarke
Construction Insurance 101
Hosted by Ryan Bond, associate, Gallagher
The role of digitalisation in building a safer future
Presented by Dr. Marzia Bolpagni, building engineer and
head of BIM International, Mace

Resources at your fingertips

Our online portal contains a variety of resources
to help you connect with colleagues, and get the
information you need on construction contracts
and a variety of industry topics, including:

→ Founder member interviews
→ CMS Law Reports
→ CBRE Expert Webinar
→ CBRE Build Insights
→ Blogs
→ Videos

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